Classroom Instruction That Works with Technology This is based on Marzano's books that are considered among the best on teaching methods. I have both his books that I'm going to send you. You might need this for ECAP stuff or for your own use. It's really pretty good. This is a great website to along with the books, and again, it might help you with ECAP or your own teaching.

Differentiation Lots of good links on differentiation using technology.

Rubrics Rubrics are really important especially for projects and presentations. This is a good site. It's easy to make your own, too.

Rubistar4Teachers This is the go-to site for rubrics. I used it when I was teaching and still have rubrics saved there. It's easy to make rubrics here or you can use pre-made ones.
Bloom's Technology and the Web Good for lesson planning. Added 1-11-13
25 Tech Tips Every Teacher Should Know Added 1-22-13 Good for any teacher who needs ideas about adding technology to any class.
21st Century Critical Thinking Skills (for lesson planning, etc.) Added 2-1-13

Discovery Education (lesson planning, all kinds of things--very good) Added 2-24-14